Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

Our Pastor, Deacons and lay ministers make regularly scheduled visits to our home bound parishioners who are not able to attend the regularly schedule mass. We bring eucharist to them, bulletins, prayer books and holiday gifts so that they know that they are still a part of our parish activities and are not forgotten.

Are You Called to be an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion?

Through Baptism we put on Christ and become members of his Body.

We are initiated into the Christian community and called to holiness and discipleship. Baptism initiates all into the one priesthood of Christ, giving each of the baptized, in different ways, a share in his priestly, prophetic, and kingly work. Each of us who are baptized, confirmed in faith through the gifts of the Holy Spirit according to his or her calling, is incorporated into the fullness of Christ’s mission to celebrate, proclaim, and serve the reign of God.

Our call to ministry, however, should not develop a type of elitism or entitlement that places lay ecclesial ministers above or outside the congregation. Like Jesus we are called to serve and not to be served. We are to use our gifts always for the good of the Church. Ministry is to be understood as service (diakonia) and is the means for accomplishing mission in the communion of the Church. It is a participation in and expression of Christ’s ministry.

It is understood that the call to ministry first and foremost comes from God. Yet, there are various ways in which each of us receives that call. The call to serve may come from the assembly, parish staff, pastor, our spouse, and others.

If you are interested in becoming an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion, please contact one of the deacons to setup a time to meet and discuss this further.