Faith Formation

Catholic faith formation is a form of evangelization. Evangelization is the fundamental mission of the Church. It describes all the ways the Church—including clergy, religious, and all the baptized faithful—teaches, celebrates, and witnesses to the gospel message with the aim of conforming hearts and minds to Jesus Christ. Evangelization includes an introduction to the gospel message through word and deed with a focus on receiving the gift of faith. Faith formation primarily focuses on deepening initial conversion to faith. It incorporates the catechetical, liturgical, and pastoral ministries. Because it is a form of evangelization, faith formation is a lifelong process.

Please reach out to Father Pierz or one of the deacons to get more information on;

Elementary, Middle and High School Classes

Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (R.C.I.A.) Classes

Ongoing Adult Formation Opportunities.

Goals Of Faith Formation

Promote Ongoing Conversion to Jesus

Conversion is the primary goal of faith formation. Conversion has a beginning, often referred to as “initial conversion.” We are never done conforming our lives to Christ. It is an ongoing process or “journey.” The role of faith formation is to both inspire initial conversion and, subsequently, deepen it.

Promote/Support Active Membership Within the Believing Community

The life of faith is lived in community with other believers. We are called, by God, to community. The Word of God, the Sacraments, Ordained Ministers, and the witness of the faithful, together, inspire and nurture faith. To be formed in the faith, in part, is to be prepared for life in a community—a life marked by service humility and charity

Call and Prepare Members to Act as Disciples in Worldly Mission

Jesus called his disciples to go out to all the world to spread the good news of salvation. Catholics do this when they use their gifts and talents in the service of others. Evangilation - proclaiming the Good News of Christ - is not just a matter of preaching but showing kindness and charity to others. Faith formation nurtures the mind and the heart so that the gospel message may be evidenced by words and deeds.