Catherine Cuff

Hello! My name is Catherine Cuff and I'm thrilled to be the new Director of Educational Outreach for our parish! I look forward to supporting Virginia Christi with the religious education program as well as working alongside Father Pierz and the Religious Education Board in helping create a Catholic preschool in Franklin county.

I have been a Greenfield resident and member of Blessed Trinity Parish for the past decade. Throughout this time, my husband Christopher and I have been blessed to welcome two daughters, Emily, 3 years, and Anna, 1 year, into this wonderful community of love and support. Prior to the birth of our children, I was an elementary public school teacher in 3rd-5th grades from 2010-2020 in Greenfield and Deerfield.

We are in a thriving Catholic community and your enthusiastic support of a Catholic preschool is a testament to the importance of a wholesome, safe early learning program option grounded in our faith's values for the young families within our county. This work will be rigorous and require thoughtful planning and time, with great rewards. There is no better investment than our children, the future of our faithful!

I look forward to seeing you throughout this exciting new year and ask for your continued support and prayers as we begin this exciting new journey!

Blessed Trinity Parish is opening a Preschool Fall of 2024!

Keep an eye out for more information as it become availble!

Please take just a few minutes to share your thoughts and priorities for a new preschool in Greenfield! This preschool will be open to all families. We'd love your feedback to inform how best to develop our program and support our Franklin county community! Please pass it on to others in our county if possible. Thank you!