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 Holy Trinity Church

Greenfield, Massachusetts
   Roman Catholic Diocese of Springfield

 Founded in 1868  -  "The Mother Church of Franklin County"




Arrangements must be made prior to the Baptism by calling the rectory at 774-2884.  Attendance at Baptism preparation classes is required.


See our Mass Schedule for the current schedule.


  Holy Eucharist

Catholics properly prepared to receive the Eucharist are encouraged to do so as often as possible.  Check our Mass Schedule for times.  If you or a loved one cannot get to Mass due to hospitalization or illness please email or call the rectory at 774-2884.

For information about First Communion preparation and schedule.  Check out our Religious Education page.


For information about Confirmation preparation and schedule.  Check out our Religious Education page.


Couples planning marriage must contact the rectory at least six months prior to the marriage and must attend a Pre-Cana course. 

The Newman Center at UMass has a very active Pre-Cana program with several convenient one day sessions already scheduled for the next year.

  Anointing of the Sick

Please let us know whenever you or your loved ones are hospitalized by calling the rectory at 774-2884.

  Holy Orders

If you think that God is calling you to serve Him in a Church vocation, speak with Fr. Campoli, Deacon Joe Bete, Deacon Paul DeCarlo.  Also, check out the Vocations website.






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